Bridal Body Image & Surviving The Wedding

When brides start to look at the check list of wedding planning almost all of them start off with diet plans, work outs and skin regiments that need to be started far in advance of the wedding. Isn’t marrying the love of your life more important than the number on the tag of your white dress on your wedding day? Since when does a bride to be want to worry about getting on a diet plan in the first week of her engagement when she is still on cloud nine? Furthermore, if you have always been healthy and happy with the way you look, what gives anyone the right to decide that you should be any different on your wedding day? After all, you are marrying a man that has proposed to you for who you are and marrying you just the way you are, not because of what you should supposedly look like on one day out of your entire marriage.

Sure, your wedding day is special and every girl has certain expectations of how it should be. However, the perfect wedding doesn’t mean you have to stress over your weight. It is perfectly normal to want to be healthy and fit on your wedding day. Your confidence in your body image will determine what you constitute as healthy. Rather than spending time and money on Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, find your comfort zone with a body image specialist or try Walk and Talk Therapy with which you can walk to your health and discuss all the stressors and concerns you may be having. It is bound to get you to a healthy point mentally and physically for your upcoming nuptials.


Our tips for finding a healthy balance through your wedding planning:

  1. Embrace yourself and your natural body shape
  2. Know that your physical appearance does not reflect your value or how much you are loved
  3. Learn the styles that are the most flattering for your body type
  4. Focus and enhance the best parts of your body that you love.
  5. Be realistic and confident to be yourself, rather than striving to be like others

Love your bridal body at any size and choose a dress that reflects the beauty you possess at the present moment. That way you will truly end up with the wedding gown of your dreams.

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