10 Breakfast Inspirations For Weddings

Breakfast is a good option for wedding receptions because it tends to be more cost effective.  Especially if you decide to do a Sunday morning brunch, you can usually get a really good deal at hotels and reception venues.  Here are 10 breakfast inspirations for a wedding breakfast or brunch.  Some of these ideas are so fabulous that you could even opt for a breakfast dinner by including them in your wedding reception plans.

10 Breakfast Inspirations For Weddings

1. How about a wedding cake made of crispy layers of waffles drenched in sweet maple syrup? If you have your heart set on a traditional wedding cake, then this would still make an awesome grooms cake.

waffle cake

2. If you are really on a budget, a doughnuts layered into a three-tiered cake can be quite stunning and your guests would never guess that you were trying to save a few pennies because it fits perfectly into your brunch theme.

doughnut cake

3. Take liquid breakfast ideas to create a signature cocktail or two. You can even have a few nonalcoholic beverages to serve everyone, like a Sunshine Smoothie made with orange, mango and banana.


4. Save on centerpieces by creating honey and jam centerpieces in tiers. Simply add a few flower petals to add a hint of foliage.

hoen and jam

5. Instead of following the latest trend in a candy bar or dessert buffet, create a pancake bar.

pancake bar

6. Serve French Toast Sticks Dipped in Syrup for your butler served reception hour.

french toast sticks

7. A coffee mug display is a unique idea and will serve as wedding favors as well.

coffe mug

8. Edible glitter on your doughnuts will glam things up at your wedding a bit.  Get inexpensive doughnuts and create a stunning impression that will look like a million bucks.

glitter doughnutoriginal_edible-gold-glitter-sprinkles

9. Serve eggs in a unique way. Try Scotch Eggs, with are served with cocktails at most British pubs.

10. Mimosas are the most popular way to serve champagne for breakfast. Romanticize it one notch more by serving Strawberry Cream Mimosa.


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