6 Ways To Add Extra Personality To Your Jewelry Gift

When giving a gift, what you give and how you give it can say a great deal about you. Adding personality to your jewelry gift should be a bit more than just picking out a generic piece of jewelry and handing the recipient a presentation box and a card.

Turn your gift into an event – If you’re getting ready to pop the question, think of going to that special place that the two of you share. It can be the park where you first met, or your favorite movie theater or concert venue. Slipping your gift to her during a special pre-planned event can turn the evening out into something to truly remember.

Dinner for Two – You could also take your intended out for dinner? The staff of most restaurants will be more than happy and maybe even a little excited to participate with your happy surprise. Perhaps they could place your gift under a covered dish and present it as the next course or creatively drape your jewelry gift around the neck of a bottle of champagne that is chilling beside your table.

ringDiscovered Treasures – Consider putting your jewelry gift in an unlikely place but one that they see every day. So perhaps, she picks up where she left off in the book by her bedside, or is getting ready in the morning and opens up her makeup bag, a special gift could be just waiting to be discovered. How incredible would it be for her to find a symbolic wedding band or another piece of jewelry winking back at her?

You can also hide a piece of jewelry in a box of chocolates, or if you are giving a bracelet, or necklace, why not wrap it around a special bouquet of flowers?

Special Delivery – One of the best times to give a gift of jewelry is to have the gift delivered when they are already expecting another delivery. You can also arrange to have a coworker place your gift inside the drawer of their desk, or slip it inside a handbag so that it’s just waiting to be discovered.

Get Help from a Friend – Sometimes having a ‘friend’ in the form of a pet or a small child to present your gift is a perfect way to present your jewelry gift. If there are no pets or children around to help, perhaps a stuffed animal or with the gift box attached to its collar along with a special romantic note can help in the presentation of your gift.

Holiday Glow – The holiday season is one of the most popular times of the year to present the gift of jewelry. It can also add extra personality to the gift as well. Many craft and even some jewelry stores will offer ornaments that are transparent. The shimmer and shine of diamonds or gold will catch the glow of the holiday light that may not be immediately noticeable. Once discovered, your personality and creativity will definitely shine through as brightly as your gift.

Even though it’s the thought that counts, it’s far better to add a bit of yourself to the gift of jewelry. It makes the gift not only memorable but the person receiving it will want to wear it often. When there is a story involved in how a gift was presented, it adds value that money simply cannot buy.

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