5 Fall Wedding Flower Ideas

Autumn weddings tend to gear towards more rustic elements and flowers are often not readily available. However, there are a few flowers that are the essence of autumn and very much a part of the season. Autumn wedding flowers have a unique feel from any other season and here are five great ideas for fall wedding flowers that will truly make your wedding pop.


1. Mums

Mums are fall flowers and are fairly inexpensive, so you can use a lot of them. Decorate your wedding ceremony aisle with them and the bush like element allows for thick assortments when you are decorating. Mums come in vibrant colors to make a cooler autumn event more warm.

2. Wild Flowers


Wildflowers are stunning for any time of the year, however in the fall you can truly play with the rustic feel.

3. Sunflowers and Dahlias

Sunflowers and Dahlias are a stunning combination for a fall wedding. Sunflowers bring a cheery feel to the event while Dahlias ground the floral arrangements with elegance. Depending on the variety you select, Dahlias range from delicate to striking from the lush “Bluetiful” to the unique “Maarn” varietals. While the Dahlia flower meaning can vary, they are often thought to represent a “commitment and bond that lasts forever” making it an ideal wedding flower.

4. Blue Hydrangea


Blue Hydrangea have beautiful hues of blue and purple which are simply iridescent of fall jewel tones. The dusty violet like colors of Blue Hydrangea compliment flowers that are in shades of orange and pink, creating unique color combinations that are fall friendly.

5. Fall Leaves

Although not exactly flowers, the colors of fall foliage kind of look like flora and leaves are absolutely part of floral arrangements. When placed along the aisle, the result is magical. When celebrating in the outdoors, scattering of leaves on the ground is so symbolic of the season, and has an easy, natural sensational effect. Wedding arches with signature falling leaves also create a delicate touch to the décor.

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